Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Under the eBay radar find of the day. 1994 Impala SS

Looks like your typical run of the mill used Impala SS right? Wrong! What we have here is one VERY unique piece of automotive history. What's that in the window? A GM control label. The door jamb has an emission exempt tag dated 1992? Wait do my eyes play tricks on me? Yes that is a third pedal and manual shift lever. Yes this IS the infamous 94 Impala SS manual trans prototype. Formerly straight from the General's private stash in their Heritage Collection via the Barrett Jackson auction. If that manual trans hasn't got your attention, how about the modified 5.7 liter V8 packing 308 Horsepower vs the stock SS' 260Hp? This was the car dreams were made of in the mid 90s thanks to GM's John Moss. Maybe it's time that the General rolled out another rear drive Impala SS? For those that can't wait this one of one prototype can be yours for a mere $36,000 via eBay. Unfortunately though, the car was sold on a salvage title from GM, so you would have to get creative on registering this bad boy for the street. In the mean time enjoy the eBay link, and the attached Motor Week review of this very car from 1995.