Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Car crashes in to Pennsylvania drivers license center.

Earlier today a vehicle crashed into a drivers license center in Collier Township, Pennsylvania. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt. No word on if the student taking their test passed. Likely no, however there must have been that really awkward moment after the student at the instructor confirmed they we ok.

Source: WTAE Channel 4 News.

A car crashed through the entrance of a driver license center in Collier Township on Wednesday afternoon.A witness told Channel 4 Action News' Tara Edwards that a young driver appeared to be taking a test with an instructor when the car went through a window, sending glass shattering inside the center.Sky 4 flew over Chartiers Valley Shopping Center on Washington Pike as the car was removed from the driver license center and loaded onto a flatbed truck.A photo taken by a Channel 4 Action News viewer showed the vehicle sitting in the waiting area of the driver license center before it was removed.Emergency dispatchers said two people suffered minor injuries.Police have not said how the car ended up inside the building.