Sunday, February 17, 2013

Koenigsegg is Teasing Something...

Swedish automaker Koenigsegg makes some of the most amazing production cars in the world, and now it's teasing something good (read: carbon fiber) for the Geneva Motor Show 2013. Automakers usually tease new vehicles either by showing a silhouette of the car or a closeup of one part. Koenigsegg has chosen to show a cryptic closeup. All we get for now is some exterior part of a car that shows off carbon fiber with a clear coat and yellow racing stripes. The company is inviting everyone to celebrate 0 - 100 -10 with it at the show. Let the speculation begin!

Koenigsegg is known for making high-output engines coupled with cars that make extensive use of light-weight carbon fiber. Since racing stripes generally go down the middle of a car, it's likely the photo is of a car's hood or roof. Last year at the Geneva Motor Show Koenigsegg showed off the second generation of the Agera R. It's possible the auto company will be showing off an example of the future supercar One:1 or the Agera R Hundra to outdo the 2013 Agera R from last year.

I guess we'll all have to stare lustily at the teaser image above and wait for the big reveal at the Geneva Motor Show, unless Koenigsegg feels inclined to give us more teaser images to lust after before the big reveal.