Friday, December 12, 2008

Save General Motors!

I'm am sure by now, everyone has seen the failure of the Auto Industry (Not a Bailout) Loan. Like many of you. I myself work in the auto industry and am very scared about the goings on in both Washington and Detroit. Now is the time to put aside personal differences and bias to a particular manufacturer.

The U.S. Auto Industry is the backbone of America. The auto industry stepped up to the plate at the beginning of World War 2. They stepped up after 9/11. Killing the Auto Loan Bill in Washington is killing the American Spirit at its best. Both General Motors and Chrysler have begun to seek bankruptcy lawyers. Can you picture a world with GM? I can't.

Detroit lost their chance by a simple 8 votes. Now is the time to stand up an be heard. This is OUR time to make history. It is time for us as U.S. citizens to make a difference. is a grassroots campaign started by a friend. All proceeds go directly to General Motors. It may not be much, but at times like this. Every little bit counts.