Thursday, December 11, 2008

We have arrived at the end of the road. The U.S. Auto Industry Officially Dead

It's not often that you will get a rant out of me like this.

Thanks to our wonderfully stupid, thinking nothing but themselves politicians in Washington. And the lying folks over at the UAW. The United States Automobile Industry is now dead in the water.

8 Votes. 8 Votes. That's all they needed to get the 60 required for the government to get some much needed cash to the Big 3. 8 Votes.

52 ayes, 35 nays. We find it unbelieveable that there are that many uneducated and uninformed people in our government. "We don't want to have to take this money from our taxpayers" one Congressman said. Uhm, aren't the people who work for GM, Ford and Chrysler taxpayers? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that the lineworkers and other folks working for the Big 3, would want to keep their jobs. Surely they wouldn't mind.

The Asian markets are already falling. In a few short hours Wallstreet and the European markets will open. And surely mass chaos will ensue.

We're absolutely at a loss for words with this one. This is it. Game over.