Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl 43 Ad Watch: Audi A6: The Getaway

Audi was in prime form at this years Super Bowl with the highly anticipated Getaway commercial. The ad features everything you could want from a car ad. Chases, cool cars, baddies, and of course premier wheelman Jason Statham.

We start off in the mid 70s trying to get away in a plenty powerful Mercedes 6.3, only to end up blasted by a dumpester and a Lincoln Towncar. Jump to Miami Vice style 1980s with a bright red BMW 5 series and a black Bandit Trans Am, and a Mouse is loose billboard. Thankfully Audi left the 90s well enough alone with a Lexus ES parked outside a theater playing Tommy Boy. You have to love Staham's disgusted face when he sees the Lexus. Next we jump to 2009 in all Statham's Driver glory in his trademark black suit. Swipe the keys from the valet played by Joaquin Garay III(Paco from Herbie Goes Bananas for you car guys). And off we go with baddies on motorcycles. Finally able to get away thanks to the new supercharged Audi A6. Hollywood at its best.

As an added bonus, we're throwing in the Audi R8 Godfather commercial from the 2008 Superbowl.