Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Auto Jingles: Have you driven a Ford lately?

As nostalgic as we are, how could anyone forget the jingle Ford used in the mid 1980s? Have you driven a Ford lately? Why don't car manufacturers have unique jingles like this anymore? You know it had to work if someone still remembers it 20 years later. Over the next few weeks, we're going to jog everyones collective mind and bring some good old fashion car jingles out of the archives. We're going to remember a time, when manufacturers would spend the money to have a song written about their product. To start this off. Here are two 1986 Ford Taurus commercials. Both carrying the Have you driven a Ford lately? jingle. But also unique music just for the Taurus. It's funny, I remember a time back in the late 80s, visiting the Pittsburgh Auto Show and this jingle would play over loudspeakers hidden in the Ford display every few seconds. Enjoy.