Friday, December 14, 2007

New VW Passat CC Coupe spotted in Finland

Out for some winter testing and cunningly disguised as a Lexus. Here we have the VW Passat CC. The CC will be a 4 door coupe, following along the lines of the Mercedes Benz CLS.

The car has not been officialy unveiled yet, though is expected to bow at the Geneva auto show this year. The CC is rumored to have up to 5 different engine choices, including a diesel option. Initial specs list the wheelbase at 106 inches and the overall length at 190 inches.

The Passat CC is going right for the jugular of the Mercedes CLS 4 door coupe. And was originally planed as a replacement for the Phaeton after it's dismal at best try at the U.S. Market. Though it should still play a part as an upscale jump for VW.

This spy phot was taken in Finland doing some winter testing. Complete with a CLS in tow. So we can definately understand the market VW is after. The Passat CC in the is sans any kind of camoflage, though it is disguised to looke like a Lexus. Note the dummy lights in the grille and the imitation badge.

Source: TheAutoChannel.