Friday, December 7, 2007

Super Bowl ads. Ford, Chrysler, & VW oddly missing

We got word that there will be four automakers with ads during the Super Bowl this year. General Motors will have a Chevrolet 60 second spot during the second quarter and Cadillac will be sponsor for the pre and post game shows.

Hyundai and Toyota will both have two spots each. Also announced is a spot from Audi. This marks their first time advertising during a Super Bowl in 20 years. Theirs will be a two minute long spot featuring the Audi R8.

Toyota's ad will more than likely pump up the new Sequoia and Tundra pickup. Though I highly doubt that it will do anything to help the Tundra's image right now. will also have a 30 second spot this year.

Strangely though is the lack of an announcement that Ford or Chrysler will be having spots. There is still time for them to jump on the band wagon, so we'll see where it goes.

I watch the Super Bowl just for the car ads. General Motors has always topped our list of favorites. So as a bonus, we're including our favorite GM spot from the Super Bowl in 06.

Source: Automotive News, Audi.