Thursday, December 6, 2007

More Shelby Shenanigans. Shelby refuses to renew club's license

We have been reading a lot about Carroll Shelby and Shelby America cutting ties with Unique Performance in the production of the GT 500 Eleanor and GT 350 continuation cars, but this is now on the verge of Shelby turning into a bitter old man.

In a move that seems down right shady, Carroll Shelby and Shelby Licensing has announced that they will not allow the renewal of the Shelby American Automobile Club license after 33 years. Not only that, but Shelby's lawyers have served the club with orders to release all materials, documents, registry information, financial info, and merchandise to Shelby.

The 5,000 + member club which has operated for 33 years and has compiled an extensive database on every Shelby car made. Which is quite an amazing feat. What is great to hear is they are not going to take this lying down. They have started a donation fund for legal counsel to rebut these demands.

This comes after the announcement that Shelby America is forming their own club, Team Shelby. Though to just up an stomp out the group of enthusiasts that have helped to keep the legend of Shelby cars alive, and many of which are customers who purchase new GT 500s and Shelby GTs. This is the prefect way to drive them away.

Volkswagen of America pulled a similar stunt about 10 years ago, by going after repair shop, parts suppliers, enthusiast websites, and clubs for use of the Volkswagen name and logo. It caused a lot of bad blood as it drove hundreds of the very people who helped to build their brand and annual car sales to the waiting arms of Toyota and Honda.

We were longtime fans of Carroll Shelby and his cars. That is of course until today. We are not planning to do anymore features on Carroll Shelby or Shelby vis this website. Though updates on this particular topic will be addressed as more info becomes available.

Source: Hemmings Motor News, Shebly American Automobile Club.